Production enterprise «Termavers»

«Termavers» is a diversified enterprise, whose main activity is the development and introduction into the production process of equipment (machines, stands, devices) for the manufacture of various products. In particular, «Termavers» has developed and successfully put into operation machines for the production of thermopanels based on polystyrene foam and clinker tiles, as well as numerous machines and accessories for the production of facade decor elements.

The created equipment is used in the manufacture of clinker thermopanels using a unique, patented technology. More information can be found on the website dedicated to this area of activity of the production enterprise «Termavers»

One of the main activities of the company «Termavers» is also the production of facade decor. We produce a large assortment of facade decoration elements, from cornices and arches, to columns and balustrades. We manufacture all elements of facade decor on the capacities of our enterprise, developed and assembled by our engineers.

In addition, the company has a division that specializes in escorting cargo through the territory of Ukraine, as well as in the near and far abroad.

Delivery geography

We produce unique equipment that has no analogues in the world market. This allowed us to successfully commission our equipment in many countries around the world. The enterprises of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Armenia, as well as Romania, Spain, the USA and Australia, operate on the equipment of the production enterprise «Termavers». The extensive geography of our equipment supplies confirms the relevance of our developments, as well as the professionalism of our specialists.

The benefits of working with us

The advantages of working with the company «Termavers» appreciated our numerous customers from different parts of the world.

  • By concluding an agreement in full compliance with the legislation, «Termavers» guarantees fulfilled all the obligations assumed.
  • We do not require 100% prepayment, after the conclusion of the contract you pay 5-10% of the amount (stipulated in the contract) and only after the manufacture of the ordered equipment, you pay the remaining amount.
  • When designing, our specialists are trying to make the equipment convenient for both work and transportation. We deliberately went to the complication of some designs, breaking the frame into several parts, which allowed placing equipment on a pallet (L × W × H) 2000 × 850 × 850 mm in size, with all the nodes and removable parts packed and tied in accordance with international standards.
  • We are sure of the impeccable quality of the equipment we produce, therefore we provide free installation supervision before the first product.
  • Our experts are ready to train you for free work already on your equipment. In this case, we will arrange for you to stay and move around the city. By agreement, our representative can travel anywhere in the world.
  • And of course, the company «Termavers» provides warranty and after-sales service. We are ready to advise you on any issues relating to our equipment.

We will help expand or create your business.

Our YouTube Videos

Creating unique equipment, the specialists of the production company «Termavers» conduct their YouTube channel, in which they share experience and experience related to production, testing of the equipment produced and products.

Our subscribers discuss and help us to achieve more advanced equipment, for which we are very grateful to them!

Subscribe to our channel and you will always know about the updates of our company.

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How to find us

Our production is located in the city of Mariupol. The exact location can be viewed on the map. You can contact us by phone or skype, you can also write in the form of feedback and we will contact you.

Taganrogskaya street, 41
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