Is it possible to manufacture equipment to customer specifications?

Of course! When discussing and forming the completeness and price of equipment, those are taken as the basis. task (wishes) of the customer.

The service life of thermopanels?

The service life corresponds to the minimum service life of each of the components of the thermopanel. In this case, it is a used adhesive which is a polyurethane one-component manufactured by the English company LEESON POLYURETHANS LTD, which provides a guarantee for not changing the properties for 35 years.

Lifetime facade decoration?

As you know, the facade decor is different in our case, it is a foam coated with a polymer-acrylic composition. The service life of the foam in accordance with GOST 15588-86 is 40 years.
The polymer composition is far superior in quality from any cement composition and has a service life of more than 25 years. (This concerns the manufacturers of mixtures and foam plastic provided they are certified).

Is it possible to send equipment to another country?

Yes! Of course! The export of equipment is the main part of the total production of the enterprise. The geography of our supplies is increasing every month.
Now it is: Australia. USA, Romania, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, (Russia-Togliatti, Rostov, Krasnodar, Moscow), Poland, Spain, Kazakhstan.

What blends are used for coating?

For the device of a decorative and protective layer, we use a mixture based on polymer dispersions with a complex of polymer modifying additives with a filler of quartz sand or marble chips.

What is the mixture consumption per square meter. meter products?

With a thickness of the applied layer of 2.5 — 3.5 mm 5 — 6 kg.

Is it possible to study the technological process of production of facade decor without the condition of purchasing equipment?

Yes! Both consultations on issues and the possibility of a specialist visiting a company for training in production technology.

What is the cost of production of facade decoration?

A detailed answer about the cost of production of facade decor.

What is the cost of production of clinker thermopanels?

Detailed answer about the cost of production of clinker thermopanels.